Elena Sedova, Artist, Painting, Drawing, Portrets, Design, Art, Елена Седова, Murals, Decor, Illustrations, Illustration, Pictures, New York, 

Dear guest, welcome to my site.

I am a professional artist and I am interested in different directions in art. Having a classical education in painting and design, I can create and implement all the ideas that I love.

It is interesting to create a new graphic design, Illustrate books and articles, create live characters and make cartoons, animation 2D/3D. Please feel free to click the menu. And on this page you can see selected pictures, they are clickable. Have a nice trip and pleasant discoveries!

If you have any ideas or suggestions just email me: elenasedovart@gmail.com

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Elena Sedova, Artist, New York, Art, Painting, Design, Illustration, Book, TV, commercial, Book Illustrations, Design, Graphic Design, Murals