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Artist and Designer

I am open to new projects and collaboration,

please feel free to email me if you have any interesting ideas.

New York USA


I am a professional artist and I am interested in different directions in art. Having a classical education in painting and design, I can create and implement all the ideas that I love.

It is interesting to create a new graphic design, Illustrate books and articles, create live characters and make cartoons, animation 2D/3D. Please feel free to click the menu. And on this page you can see selected pictures, they are clickable. Have a nice trip and pleasant discoveries!

My name is Elena Sedova, and I'm glad that you came to my page.

I am a professional artist and have been working in this field for more than 15 years.

I enjoy experimenting with different styles and techniques of art, ranging from computer graphic to sculpture and painting. 

I work with digital tablet, creating different characters and giving them life. I call it “computer painting”. Static images sometimes come to life and cartoon is born! 

My background and education is in classical painting, and, when working with the computer gets boring, I take paper or canvas and enjoy the “real thing”.

"Elena is a unique and very skilled painter. Her art is used to illustrate books and animate cartoons; she is also exquisite and gentle artist, who is able to translate emotions and feelings into images. Her pictures are not static,they are in continuum:  the cat's smile or the pack of blue wolves live regardless of the viewer, however, we recognize ourselves in   the old grumpy dog with baggy eyes. Elena is one of those creators who, without complicating  plot, and trivial allegories carry on the story of human love, sadness, pity, joy using means that are not corny and banal, but simple and interesting not only for adults, for children as well. 

She works in NY, and has been  an illustrator for more than 15 years, she is by no means is a rookie. Publishers like working with this artist because her light hearted and kind talent brings joy and happiness into any work. Her technique is impeccable, and being a third generation of artists, she holds the pride of the family. Elena has participated in many exhibitions and shows and won prizes. She is well recognized by colleagues  and fans. In her own words, she never had a doubt about her profession. She painted since she was a child and since then her love for art only grew as her professional experience and skills matured. "


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