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Let me introduce myself. I'm Professional artist with more then 15 years experience in Art, Design and Animation. Аlso you may see my Fine Arts I usually use materials such as Acrylic, Oil, Watercolor.


I received my art education in Russia, being engaged in the best teachers of painting, graphics and design. I graduated from Art college and University and have a Bachelor of Arts degree

Painting, Drawing,  Electronic arts, Anatomy, Color theory, 2d and 3d animation,

I started my creative career as a graphic designer in an advertisement agency an aspiring artist with passion for creation and style Since then, I was able further develop my skills in design, illustration, animation by working as an Designer then Art Director.

Аs an illustrator, I designed and illustrated dozens of books, create illustration for magazines, advertising, website and game design. Working with animation, I was involved in creating a script, storyboard, character creation and animation.

Worked on the creation of packaging, advertising products in many areas. My goal as a creator and an artist is to find unique approach to any project and combine modern technologies with traditional drawing technics to provide the best possible results. You can find samples of my work by visiting the webpage above.

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